Getting Started


The platform provides an open commons where people can collaboratively explore their local area in word of mouth fashion. The more you contribute the more it learns your tastes, interests, and subculture. You will meet similar people, be notified of events that you may like, and discover things you never knew about. The more valuable your contributions the more karma you earn increasing your voice in the system.

First Things First - Setup Your Profile

If you haven't done so already, sign up, login, and then take a moment to set up your profile. Add a sentence or two about yourself, fill in additional information if you like, add a photo for your icon and start teaching it about your interests. You are welcome to add additional private information to get better recommendations, resting assured that it will always be kept private, only your name and city and photo will be displayed.

Teach It About You

You start out without any recommendations, neighbors, or events but that won't last long as you start teaching it about your interests. You do this by adding interest tags to your profile, the more interests the more connected and more nuanced your recommendations will become. Likewise attending events and favoriting places will also help the engine better understand your tastes and begin to identify your subcultures.

Tags are unique keywords that you can use to uniquely specify things in WhatsUp. Typical things are hobbies, bands, books, genres, activities, products, artists, authors and even cuisines. Unlike predefined categories there is no limit on the tags you can use, but you will find that the more people that use the same tag to describe the same thing will lead to more meaningful results.

Searching For Events

When searching from the home page or from the event search page it's most beneficial to search for tags or words that appear in the events title. Lets say you are searching for bands that are playing tonight, your best bet may be to search on "band","live", or "concert".

Fill Your Calendar

When you see an event you would like to keep tabs on you can click the "Add to Calendar" icon next to the date of the performance. This keeps you in the loop with any updates and helps suggest similar events.

Author Events & Places

You've heard of an event you are interested in attending, you go to add it to your calendar and discover it isn't in the system yet! This is your chance to shine and earn karma by adding the event. Events are basically any activity that has a place and a time and typically range from live entertainment, festivals, expos to social clubs, club meetings, informal gatherings, and parties. Events and Places are collaboratively editable Wikis, allowing incomplete/incorrect information to be corrected. Even if you aren't the creator of the event you still earn partial karma for completing missing information, tagging properly, getting thumbs up on comments, but be careful it isn't spam, because the community can vote you back down. Also tagging events and places with relevant interest tags will help characterize them, enabling people to discover it as well as have it show up on dynamic calendars.

Share Your Calendar

Maybe you are the event organizer in your group of friends or maybe you have a blog and want to track events you care about, either way creating a shared calendar is the best way to show this. Your calendar can be shared with your friends on your website, social networks, and we will be adding plug-ins for popular apps. Sharing your calendar lets your friends plan around your schedule as well as helping you meet new people with similar interests. And of course you can always adjust your privacy settings if you would prefer to hide your schedule from prying eyes.

Tips On Tagging

Tagging places uses faceted classification so that people can search for places by common classifications, such as Cuisine or Amenity. This helps people search for places that meet certain criteria such as a mexican place with a beer garden and pool tables.

Uploading Photos

Took a bunch of photos with your friends last night? Go ahead and upload them to the event. This lets people get a taste of what it was like and if you take good photos yours may get voted up to the top of the heap.

Geo-Tagged Photos

If your camera geotags your photos it will automatically assign them to the place the photo was taken. If not just make sure your camera's clock is set right and your calendar has you attending an event when the photo was taken, it will geo-tag it with that event and place.